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I love group texts. I, meaning seven of us, have had an amazing group text chain going for over two years. They are a great one-stop shop for so many things. “What time is field day?” “Huge sale at Nords!” “My kids are driving me crazy, is it 5 o’clock yet??” “What should I make for dinner?” Any one of those are followed by a flood of informative, supportive and creative replies. It’s my go-to when I’m bored or discouraged, when I have great news, or I when I want to share the latest celebrity scoop.

A few years ago, my texting cohorts and I threw around the idea of starting a blog. We thought we potentially have a lot of helpful tidbits and could portray motherhood in a realistic light. Because, the truth is that life isn’t easy and it’s not clean. Money gets tight & kids get sick. Our house might be condemnable, the package store owner knows us by name and our skin has seen better days. Life is actually pretty fu%*in gritty, but, at the end of the day, you have to focus on the pretty. We are all trying to make life less messy, funnier, easier and better.

So, after many conversations and countless bottles of Whispering Angel, we decided to go for it. We all bring different personalities, content, and perspective to the table. We work and we stay at home. We can be serious, passionate, informative and wildly inappropriate. More than anything, we will be real.

Our goal is to bring some of our daily tips, tricks and realizations to you and hope that our readers will share their knowledge with us as well. We promise to share the pretty but will never hold off on the gritty; we’re all in this together.



Melissa is a Post-Partum Doula, and a mother of three girls. To say she loves dogs is a massive understatement. She currently has three rescue dogs which only perpetuates her obsession with bleach and Dove Soap. She is a fiercely loyal friend who will drop everything to help someone in need.

Mary is a licensed insurance agent, culinary institute trained chef, and mother of three. She is one of the strongest women we have ever met. She is also a woman of few words, but when she speaks we listen, mainly because we are all a little afraid of her. Her ability to create amazing Dubsmash videos might be her greatest skill.

Monica is a certified aesthetician and a mother surviving in a household of boys. With a background in public relations, she is the social media brains behind our operation, and is on a mission to bring back the housecoat. Her hair requires its own zip code, and when she is running late, it can usually be blamed on her bangs.

Cara is a Primary Care Physician, a mother of two boys, and has a knack for talking with her hands. She is a jack and master of all trades including making a mean veggie crudité and rocking Bikram Yoga where she can hold Triangle and Standing Bow like no other.

Erica never wanted a career so she majored in Spanish in college and is now the mother of a daughter. She is our Girl Scout: always prepared. She can be counted on to have pretty much anything you might imagine needing in her multiple purse pouches. She can work “that’s what she said” into any conversation, has a dangerous tote bag obsession, and shares Melissa’s love of all animals.

Kristen is a former Certified Public Accountant and our resident mathematician. She is a busy mom of three and is our coupon and deal finding expert. She has the sweetest tooth of all the PGG’s and the staff at Munson’s Chocolates know her by name. Her sense of humor is one of her greatest gifts, and her fear of birds is legendary.

With over 15 years of marketing experience in New York City, Washington DC and Connecticut, Johanna is our marketing guru. She also has a passion for fashion which may someday actually require an intervention. She has a fountain soda addiction and is the mother of two young girls.


Sincere thanks for all of your support! You all add so much pretty into our days!


The Pretty Gritty Girls (PGG)




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