Bachelor Top Ten Takeaways: One night in Bangkok… wait, make that three

Bachelor Top Ten Takeaways: One night in Bangkok… wait, make that three

10. Poor Luke – he clearly never saw this coming. Jojo said as he pulled away in limo that “she missed him already.”


9. Robbie said he would gladly forego his individual room to stay as a couple in the fantasy suite. That is of course, as long as Jojo shares her blow-dryer and hairspray.


8. Only on the Bachelor do the rooms have skeleton keys instead of plastic cards.


7. Robbie said he wants be late for work and to leave work early to see Jojo… but the fact that he doesn’t have a real job makes this a difficult thing to strive for.  #formercompetitiveswimmer

6.  After a night in the fantasy suite, we’re pretty sure the sheets could use a little Clorox.  #bachelorbleachablemoments


5. Saying goodbye is never easy…unless you have another fantasty suite lined up that night with Bachelor #2 “Thanks Robbie for great night. Off to be intimate with the next dude.”


4.For a former NFL quarterback, and a very fit Jojo, these two could barely make it through this hike.  We obviously know Jojo was tired from the night before, but what’s Jordan’s excuse?


3. These little walk-of-shame’s are quite plentiful in this episode!  “Bye, Jordan.  Gotta rest up and get ready for night number 3.”


2. On her next date, Jojo thinks something fishy is going on…

1).  These two were LITERALLY sweating bullets.  So cute that they have matching hankies!




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