Celebration – Bachelorette Takeaways

Celebration – Bachelorette Takeaways

Last night’s episode, while dramatic, left us a little underwhelmed.  We are over the Chad/Evan drama and are looking for other story lines.  But the scenes from the upcoming episodes really sucked us in and we will be counting down the 12 days until the next episode.

10.  Are the 3 of us the only ones that feel bad for the dogs pulling the sled?  They look really tired.


9.  Wells’ body resembles that of a 9 year old boy.  Which indicates that he probably can not pull off the “East Side Til I die” look. #sipchampagnewhenimthirsty #biggie #twerkit

east side til I die 2

8.  Band + platform + slow dance + kissing + crowd recording JoJo and Luke = so scripted.  #awkward


7.  A full head wrap for a 1 inch cut above one eye seemed rather excessive.  #allaboutthedrama #zombieapocalypse


6.  “I feel like there is a lot I don’t know about you” JoJo to Luke.  Of course there is a lot you don’t know about Luke, JoJo.  This is your first one on one date and your collective time together has probably been about 3 hours….and 45 minutes of those Luke was chopping wood.

chop wood

5.  Evan + sweatband = No Bueno


4.  Evan spelling “win” E…V…A…N” = no better

3.  Evan’s single eye black at the end of the football date = even worse

evan eye black

2.  We are verrry disappointed that we have to wait a full 12 sleeps for the next episode of The Bachelorette.

1. This perfectly sums up the reaction of the guys when it was Chad’s suitcase that was picked up during the 2 on 1 date.

Until next episode….

~Kristen, Melissa and Monica

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