DIY Buffalo Check Bathroom

DIY Buffalo Check Bathroom

I definitely have obsessive tendencies.  When I set my mind to something, I don’t stop until it’s done.  Just ask my husband – he can tell you all about my latest and greatest obsession.  At one point, it was a fence for the backyard of our old house, and then it was a dining room table, then a family room rug, organizing digital photos, organizing our pantry….etc.  His only hope is that I space out these “obsessions” or that they involve DIY and, therefore, hopefully little money spent.

Since adding the polka dot wallpaper in our daughters’ shared room, I am mildly obsessed with wallpaper.  Problem 1: the cost of the wallpaper.  Problem 2: having to hire someone to hang the wallpaper.  I wanted to add a wallpaper effect to a room without the cost associated with it.  I looked into self-adhesive wallpaper as well as wall decals, but nothing seemed quite right….until I stumbled onto this article VIA Pinterest.  BINGO!

I did not want to paint a buffalo check pattern in the entire bathroom, so I decided to add a molding and only paint the top 1/3 of the bathroom in the pattern.  Here are my step by step instructions for this project.  A little tip – this was far more time consuming than originally estimated, but I love it, so in the end it was worth the time spent.  For the most part, I followed the instructions from the BHG article (and used their paint choices exactly), but I did not trust my freehand to paint the stripes, so I used A LOT of tape.

Materials needed for paint:

  • White paint (I used Benjamin Moore white paint and primer in one)
  • Quart of Benjamin Moore Hale Navy (darkest blue)
  • Quart of Hale Navy mixed at 25% lighter (medium blue stripe)
  • Mix equal parts medium blue & white (lightest blue)
  • Roller brush
  • 2” angled paint brush
  • Painter’s tape
  • Level
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil

Before pics:


(If you noticed, we have Star Wars themed toilet “targets”.  I was hoping that would help with my son’s “aim”….)



  1. Paint the entire room white.  Let dry.


2.  For the top 1/3 of the wall, using a tape measure and level, measure out horizontal and vertical lines 4” apart.


3.  Using painter’s tape, tape every other horizontal line and paint using the lightest blue. If you have a steady hand and trust your paint skills, you can skip taping and freehand the horizontal stripes.  Let dry.


4.  Using painter’s tape, tape every other vertical line and paint using the medium blue. Let dry


5.  Where the light blue and medium blue stripes intercept, tape that square and paint the center using the darkest blue. Let dry. img_9574

6.  Touch up any squares as needed.

7.  Pour yourself a drink and admire your work!

Finished Bathroom:



Please share any DIY projects you have done, including pics, in the comments!  We are always looking for inspiration!


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