Don’t cry for me Argentina…

Don’t cry for me Argentina…

Episode 6 and there are now 6 guys left…here are this week’s top 10 takeaways.

10.  Alex, after receiving a rose, declaring it a “pity” rose and saying “I want to feel wanted”…in other words:

9. Wells, trying to make his move to finally kiss Jojo with half naked smiling women swimming over their heads, was super awkward.

weird lady swimming

8. After Jojo dishes her perfect relationship dreams…Wells: “So that’s what you’re looking for?” 


7. Poor Jojo, she rocks those amazing shoes! But cobblestones and stilettos = No Bueno

wobbly heels

6. Also, getting rained on INSIDE of a rave club while wearing a stunning sequin dress = No better


5.  Singer/ Songwriter James Taylor told us (after awkwardly making out with Jojo) that, “I am on a very quick train, and it’s headin’ to I Love JoJoVille!”– Oh boy James!  With a possible song title like that, don’t quit your day job.

4. It never bodes well for Bachelors to trash talk “inform” the Bachelorette of bad guys in the house. Silly bachelors! There is no such thing as anonymity in the mansion! You are always going to get found out!! Please refer to your “How to be a successful Bachelor(ette) contestant” manual for futher details.

3. Is Ryan Gosling also making an appearance on this season of the Bachelor under the pseudonym, Chase? He had some profound words for Jojo to let her know how serious his feelings are about her.

Image-1 (8)

 2. Derek really likes the word “Frickin.” As is to Jojo: “I’m frickin lucky to be sittin’ here with you.” and “Tonight was frickin amazing”. But unfortunately, Derek got sent home and we’re pretty sure he was not frickin’ happy about it.

1. Although we know each other well, the three of us had no idea that we each know all the words to “Don’t cry for me Argentina.” So when the Opera singer on the group date began to sing, we simultaneously began belting it out on the top of our lungs, opera style. Oh, the things you find out about your friends while watching the Bachelor(ette)!

Until next week…

~Kristen, Melissa and Monica

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