Every Rose Has Its Thorn – Bachelorette Top 10

Every Rose Has Its Thorn – Bachelorette Top 10

When it comes to the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise we are a divided group. Some of us would rather be locked in a room with 20 screaming toddlers for hours on end than spend even 5 minutes watching random strangers cry and reveal their inner crazy on national television, while trying to find “True Love” in a mere six weeks. The rest of us, well, we buy into the entertainment hook, line, and sinker.   Collectively, we have missed no less than 4 episodes in the entire era of the franchise Chris Harrison has helped make into an empire. Just call us a bunch of sappy romantics looking to see a couple find their happy ending together. Or maybe it’s that we can’t look away from the train-wreck that the show can often be. Kind of like the way wrestling fans watch for athletic talent of such a “real” sport.

Season after season, those (three) PGG who watch, spend the Tuesdays after hashing over what happened the night before. We share our top picks as to who will get the final rose, who will stay, who will go. We decide who really SHOULD go, but know that the producers will most likely keep in order to create some fabulous dramatic television. We laugh, we cringe, and watch through covered eyes in shock and horror (do these people have families they are looking to embarrass on purpose?). We each have separate groups of friends locally and from high school/college that we text and discuss these same topics with. We know there are many of you, our dear readers, who share our love of the guilty pleasure that makes us all part of #Bachelor Nation. So for the next 10 Tuesdays (next week we will be timely) we will bring you our Top 10 Takeaways from the Bachelorette. The things that left us discussing, scratching our heads, dying with laughter, or in true Chris Harrison fashion- left shocked at!

Tell us your take aways too! Use our comments section to add in anything we may have overlooked (or blocked out)!

 Top 10 Takeaways from Episode 1 of the Bachelorette: Meet the Bachelors

10. Jojo has amazing hair, skin and body.  Can we get the name of her trainer and beauty squad? Hang on we just need to put down our wine and snacks and get a pen. #balayageperfection

9. The profession “Bachelor Fan” is concerning.  #livesinmomsbasement

8. The Scottish/Korean guy who went commando in a kilt.  #thatsballsy

7. The civil engineer should build himself a bridge and go home.

Civil engineer

6.  “It’s a hard business.  It’s draining” Evan- Erectile Dysfunction Specialist.  #EDisarealproblem

ED specialist

5.  Bartender Ali needs to see his waxer #thosearesomebrows

Ali bartender

4.  Black suit + black shirt + black tie = no Bueno.  (It’s also worth mentioning that the tie it far too short).

Canadian little tie

3.  Black suit + black shirt + red tie = no better

black shirt red tie

2.  Jordan’s hair looks similar to Shawn’s from Kaitlyn’s season. Is this a new look? We have named it the “Shawnpadore”.


1. Being Canadian does not qualify as an occupation.  Nor does being a Former Competitive Swimmer.  #unemployed #alsolivesinmomsbasement #MAmeatloaf




(just kidding….Kristen, Melissa and Monica)

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