Here comes Peter Cotton Tail….

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail….

As a little girl, there was nothing more magical than waking up on Easter morning and running down the stairs to a line of simply filled yet colorful baskets left by the Easter Bunny. Opening our baskets was followed by an egg hunt. We then headed off to church in new dresses, new hats and little white gloves. It was a day to recognize the special religious meaning of the Holiday.

These days, Easter, like many holidays, has become more “commercialized” to say the least. Almost every brand of candy now markets their own line of Easter treats, baskets keep getting bigger and keeping our kids cavity free (and not bouncing off the walls) gets more challenging. It can also be difficult for parents whose children may have allergies or sensitivities, to create a fun basket filled with just candy. To help you guys, we have put together a few of our favorite things to include on the Easter Bunny’s list. Whether you are looking to mix up your child’s basket, or you just want to keep it simple with a few items, check out our segment from today! We also share some great, simple Easter crafts!

Better Connecticut Easter Segment

We’ve listed a few additional ideas below:



Sweet Jelly Beans

Trader Joes: Jelly Beans, Bunny Gummies, Lollipops

Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups

UnReal Candy :Peanut Butter Cups, Candy Coated Chocolates

Annie’s Snacks : Gummies, Crackers, Cookies

Yummy Earth Lollipos


Non-Candy/Novelty Items:

Play dough

Matchbox cars

Individual Lego Mini Figures

Small books

Coloring Books


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Alternative ideas to Baskets:

Sand pail

Fabric Bin

Dorm type crate for Teens

Reusable bag

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