I Got You Babe- Bachelorette Top Ten Takeaways

I Got You Babe- Bachelorette Top Ten Takeaways

After a week off, we were beyond excited for The Bachelorette’s return!  This week didn’t wow us, but, let’s be honest….we still ♥ it!

10)  If Chad is returning from the 2 on 1 date for his protein powder, the same powder that the guys ceremoniously threw into the air, then someone’s gonna get hurt…









9)  In addition to Jim Halpert and Chip Gaines, we also have Dylan McKay vying for JoJo’s heart this season.  9021 – oh yeah.

luke dylan mckay

8)  When your tie is the same color as your suit coat = no bueno

matching coat and tie


7)  A group date that involves sand surfing and getting sand in all of your orifices = no better


6)  Ummm…did Robby actually confess his love to JoJo on their first real date?! Maybe his short, tight pants are so constricting he can’t think straight!



5)  Guys, at least refer to US Weekly for your gossip…do you really think In Touch is a reliable source?


4)  By far, the best cast off confessional goes to the Canadian with “the chances of her (JoJo) falling for me are the same as me getting struck by lightning while……sh…..er….um…..shaving my face” #hehasapoint #stillgonnaliveinmomsbasement

3)  Bitch stole my look! (and let’s be honest, it isn’t a look that should be stolen) #amiright?


2)  Did JoJo just throw up in her mouth when saying “Evan” for the final rose of the evening?


1) Robby and Jordan clearly have a bromance going on.  Do they like JoJo or each other more?




~Kristen, Melissa and Monica

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