I Want It That Way: Bachelor week 3: Top Ten

I Want It That Way: Bachelor week 3: Top Ten

 10)  What a limo at 10 AM looks like on The Bachelor:

9) On a non-Bachelor related note, during a commcercial break, we discovered rosé is Weight Watchers (and Oprah) approved. “You get rosé, you get rosé, everybody gets a rosé!”

8) Corrine decided to forego the rose ceremony and head up to bed.  Our takeaway: those are some nice sheets….at least 600 thread count.  img_7259
 7.  While we liked Hailey, Nick didn’t see a connection with her and she was sent packing.  Our takeaway:  Hello,  Julie Bowen.

6) Speaking of Julie Bowen and Modern Family, Sarah Hyland (Haley from Modern Family) is also competing for Nick’s affection this season.

OMNIA Nightclub Celebrates Grand Opening Weekend With P. Diddy And Sarah Hyland In Las Vegassarah bachelorette
 5)  This camera angle is no bueno.

4) Vanessa skipped kissing with morning breath and went straight to kissing with puke breath.  No better.

3)  Hello Maverick.

2) Um, Nick, would you care to explain these scratches?

1) These “girls” claim to be huge Back Street Boys fans.  Let’s do a little math, shall we?  Back Street Boys had their first major hit in 1996.  That was 21 years ago.  Many of the girls are 24-27 years old.  This would have made them 3-6 years old when BSB launched to stardom.  So some of the girls may have been in pull-ups and others may have been starting kindergarten or first grade.  Clearly they are big, huge fans.

Keepin’ it real, one episode at a time,

Kristen, Monica and Melissa


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