Let It Go: Bachelorette Top Ten Takeaways

Let It Go: Bachelorette Top Ten Takeaways


The hometown dates episode is always one of our favorites….when the bachelorette or bachelor meet the families of the 4 remaining contestants, it usually provides for some great television. Last night’s episode was no different. Here are our top ten takeaways:

10. We are pretty sure Chase’s stairway and railing are not “up to code” #becarefulofdrunkennights #drunkennightsleadto #babyproofing #justsayin


9. Is this a scene from the Bachelorette or the Broadway version of Frozen? #doyouwanttobuildasnowman #forthefirsttimeinforever #whichwaytothenorthmountain #letitgo


8. Chase crying….we will wipe your tears Chase. We love you. If JoJo does not pick Chase (which she likely won’t), our vote for next bachelor is definitely Chase! #loveisanopendoor


7. Jordan told JoJo that every morning when he was a little boy, he would run up the “monkey face” rock formation. We are pretty sure he isn’t running anywhere in those tight skinny jeans!


6. Jordan, seriously with another up against the wall (bookshelf) kiss?! Find another move my friend. #flippersforfeet #sk8erboy


5. There are “mom jeans” and then there are “dad jeans.” Dad jeans = no bueno


4. Long sleeves + Florida heat & humidity + sweat stains = no better


3. Jordan’s hometown of Chico, California must be where Aqua Net is headquartered.

big hair1big hair


2. They really did build a snowman……#ilikewarmhugs


2. From the back, Jordan looks like Bieber. Is it too late now to say sorry #formyhair #andmytightpants



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