Let’s Go Crazy! Let’s Get Nuts…

Let’s Go Crazy!  Let’s Get Nuts…

We PGG have been known to get a little wild and crazy from time to time. So, when two of us recently discovered that each other had been thinking about…wait for it…getting a second ear piercing, we figured it was serendipitous and should not be overlooked. For one, it was, perhaps, an almost mid-life crisis moment. For the other, who had just lost an acquaintance to cancer, it was a “life is short, so make the most of it” moment. We know, we know…woohoo, how crazy can two girls get!? Well, for two stay at home moms (one in her 40s, one mid 30s) this was a chance to not only make a memory but to add a little spice, and, we must say, we are quite pleased with ourselves. It was a moment where we felt like we were more than just aging suburban moms. We were grinning like Cheshire cats, we were gleeful, we even celebrated with a fountain soda!!! Most of us had second piercings back in the day that have long since grown shut, so are we trying to turn back time, to go back to a place of carefree piercings??? Perhaps. Maybe we were feeling like we wanted to bring #earparty to the hashtag world. For these two PGG, it is a great excuse to wear more than one of our fab pairs of earrings at once. It is also a great reminder that something as simple as time spent together doing something a little out of our comfort zones can make us feel as fabulous as Prince; purple hair and boa blowing in the wind…going crazy, getting nuts.

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