Isn’t it funny how, through movies and television, the image of people wearing a skin care mask is mainly associated with thoughts of relaxation and leisure? The lounging peeps always seem to be wearing a robe with a towel on their head and have all the time in the world… #aintnobodygottimeforthat! In real life, we have places to go, kids to corral and things to do. However, similar to my recent IG post about the importance of exfoliation, I cannot stress enough what a difference masking, even just once a week, can do for your skin in addressing your particular needs.

It’s important that you have had at least one true professional skin type analysis at some point if you are not currently getting regular facials. So many people think they are dry, when in reality, their skin is very keratinized (a build up of dead cells and sebum), which causes a thick, hard layer of skin that needs regular exfoliation in order for creams to penetrate. Other times, clients think they are “oily,” when they really only have mild oil in their t-zone and are more a combination skin type. Or, on the flip side, over-dry their “oily” skin so much through over-washing that it sends their sebaceous glands into overdrive producing more oil!! Having a professional analyze your skin can help so that your routine and products are addressing your true skin concerns and needs. This includes using the right masks if you have particular skin issues. However, for the most part, masks are something that you can select on your own at home without too much consultation. Use discretion, however: if you have a pimple or two, you clearly do not need a mask for an acneic skin type, but a nice clarifying mask will work well, and if you have mature skin, you can absolutely benefit from a firming type mask and not just one for hydration. Although, that being said, EVERYONE can always benefit from a good ole hydrating mask. Even oily skinned folks can have dehydration which means “loss of water,” not oil, that can leave dull, lifeless skin.

And remember, don’t underestimate the power of multitasking! If you are folding laundry, binge watching some Netflix, or spending some time with your breast pump, put that time to use! Throw a mask on for 20 minutes while you cook dinner (and scare the heck out of your kids like Kristen likes to do!) and then rinse it off before you sit down to your meal. Your skin will be all ready for bed, instead of falling asleep without washing your face – another win!

You only get one skin, and because it’s your body’s largest organ, taking care of it is a sign of health, not vanity.

Here are my favorite masks that are easy to find and affordable!

You can find them all in one handy place in the link here.


Nugg Deep Hydration Moisture Boost

Origins Drink up Intensive Over-night Boost

Yonka Hydrant 60

Fresh Rose Face Mask

Yonka Masque 105



Andalou Naturals Instant Lift & Firm Hydro Serum Facial Mask

Boscia Sake Brightening Hydrogel Mask

Evan Healy Masks

Oily Control/Purifying

 Yonka Masque 103
Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask
Nugg Black Charcoal Face Mask
Evan Healy Masks
Yonka Hydrant 60
Nugg Soothing Face Mask




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