Monday Muse:  A Christmas Story

Monday Muse:  A Christmas Story

“Fra-gi-le!   Why it must be Italian!”

Continuing our Holiday themed Monday Muse series, today I am paying homage to my holiday fave.  There is literally no part of this movie that is not amazing.  In fact, I don’t usually feel like the holiday season has officially started until I watch this beloved classic Christmas movie!  I mean what’s not to love about the story of a boy and his misadventures as he attempts to navigate the holiday season and get a Red Ryder Beebee Gun in the 1940’s in Cleveland?  From his neighborhood bully to bumbling father, there are just so many classic lines!  Sharing a few below, and comment with your own! 

“Why it’s a major award!”  “It looks like a lamp!”

“Who’s mommy’s little piggie?”

“Ralphie, I can’t put my arms down!”

“You’ll shoot your eye out!”

“My old man could change a fuse quicker than a jack rabbit on a date.”

“Fa ra ra ra ra, Ra ra ra!”

Hopefully these made you reminisce and chuckle, and you will take your next opportunity to hunker down on the couch with your eggnog and enjoy this classic movie!


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