Monday Muse – Brooke Daly

Monday Muse – Brooke Daly

This week’s Monday Muse is a local mom whose son, Finn, has Down Syndrome.  Brooke Daly is a constant source of inspiration to us.  She is a Down Syndrome Advocate and an involved member of the Connecticut Down Syndrome Congress.  She works hard to spread the word that Down Syndrome is not a curse and is clearly passionate about changing the public outlook for kids and adults.  Finn is a feisty and adorable three year old redhead, whose sister, Rose, is in the same grade and elementary school as my daughter.  Their pictures on Facebook are always full of smiles and love.  Brooke puts up a picture of Finn every Friday for “Fridays with Finn”…one of the highlights of my Friday morning Facebook scroll.  She often has an inspiring meme posted that reminds us that she and her family are not burdened by a child with Down Syndrome – they are, in fact, blessed by a child with Down Syndrome.

In honor of Brooke and Down Syndrome Awareness month, we would like to share some links to the causes she and her family care about:

Connecticut Down Syndrome Congress 

Miracle League of Connecticut

Connecticut Down Syndrome Congress Buddy Walk

From a meme on Brooke’s Facebook page:  “Down Syndrome isn’t a burden.  How people react to it is.”



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