Monday Muse: Love Actually

Monday Muse: Love Actually

For the final installment of our holiday-themed Monday Muse, I get the honor of highlighting a movie that is not only one of our favorites, but a personal tradition my husband and I share to officially kick off the holidays.

For anyone who has not seen this movie, I recommend you plan a night, get on some cozy jammies and settle in for 2 hrs and 16 mins of 9 intertwined story lines that will make you laugh, cry, cringe, sympathize and empathize with at least one, or more, of these wonderful characters, all based around one common theme: love.

Over the years, and as my life has progressed through different times and milestones, I have found that my affinity for the characters changes as I can I identify with them more. For example, while I had always enjoyed Sam’s adorable story line, it wasn’t until I had my own boys (one of them a redhead, just like Sam!) that his story of losing his mom and experiencing his first crush tugged at my heart differently than it had before. I wanted to reach through the television and HUG him!

Most people I talk to find themselves relating to these characters in so many ways, thus making it a cult favorite. Although the movie was released in 2003, it is more popular now than ever. In fact, just this past weekend, SNL used one famous scene to spoof Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton making a final plea to Electors. The casting, the story lines, and the great soundtrack (the movie’s made up Christmas hit “Christmas is all around” by Billy Mack and Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You”) make it an all around feel good holiday movie that you can never tire of.

Now and again, I will stumble upon an article with behind the scenes stories or little known facts about Love Actually and as a devout fan and movie trivia geek,  I always stop to read them. I recently came across one that had more interesting info than any articles I had seen before. I have included it here. What is your favorite story line from the movie? Comment below, we’d love to hear!




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