Monday Muse: Ode to the Stretchy Pant

Monday Muse: Ode to the Stretchy Pant

Usually our Monday Muse subjects are serious, inspiring and…well, real (live) people. This week, in keeping with the theme of Thanksgiving and what we are thankful for (look for our annual combined list on Thursday), we wanted to take a moment to single out and give accolades to an unsung hero during this “stuffed season.”

So without further ado…

“Oh stretchy pant, oh stretchy you, our friend, we will not rant. Our love for you is deep and profound, especially when we’re feeling round. When our thoughts turn to turkey, stuffing and butter…you, YOU, make our hearts all aflutter.

When the plates have been cleared and the guests have all left, pulling you gently from our closets is simply the best!

Forgiving and soft and never a judger, all a stretchy pant really wants is to be a hugger.

You’ve you seen us through exams in high school and college, through thick and through thin, post babies and drop-offs. Through break-ups and losses, or days when we’re down, you’ve been there for us to turn it around.

Although you often get a bad rap, by those who feel you are best saved for a nap, we honor your best quality: to expand and contract.

So on this Thursday after we’ve given our thanks, said our good-byes and peeled off our spanks, we will not forget all you have seen us through, and so we raise our glasses to the one, and only, you!”

~Erica & Monica

Here are few of our new favorites; to wear in the comfort of your home, or stylish enough to wear in public! 🙂

Lululemon Wunder Under Pant

Athleta Ponte Luxe Legging

Hue Ponte Legging

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