My Funny Valentine

My Funny Valentine


We’re done, we’re over it. The reservations, the pricey prix fixe, the wine, the overdone chocolate, ugh!  My husband (who was my boyfriend for 8 years!) and I have NEVER, not once, gone out to dinner on actual Valentine’s Day. That doesn’t mean we don’t celebrate our undying love for one another! 😉 We just do it at home! Over the years, we’ve done a few different things to make it more than just a night at home. In fact, we will often create “a night out at home” on days other than Valentine’s Day as well. There’s no need for a babysitter or reservations and it’s all on your own schedule!

Get out of your normal routine. Do something a little adventurous that you can look forward to. It doesn’t have to be complicated or a lot of work. Just make it fun and different

“The Kitchen Bar” – The most important part of this night is the attire!

  1. Get dressed! Don’t be in lounge, comfy clothes or it feels like you are home. Put on a nice, fun, flirty outfit. Do your hair and put on makeup – it’s actually really fun!

                2.  Sit at your island on bar stools, so it feels like a “bar.”

                 3.  Prepare appetizers; spring roll, artich0ke dip, cheese platter – things you may order at a restaurant

                4. Make fancy drinks; look up a new martini recipe or something a little different than you would normally drink

                5.  Listen to jazzy music.


Around The World (or your house!)

This idea keeps you moving! You can prep the food (apps – dessert) beforehand or make the cooking part of the experience. Create the meal together.

    1. Eat appetizers  in the kitchen,
    2. Have a nice dinner in the dining room
    3. Enjoy dessert in the living room by the fire


Game Night – Dress comfy for this evening, we often sit on the floor by the fire for our game nights!

                    1.  Order takeout & play board games together – We love Yahtzee, Catch Phrase, Scattergories & Cranium.

You can even make this a group night & invite friends over. We did this a few weeks ago & played Telestrations After Dark and it was absolutely hilarious!


Theme Night – Pick a theme; 80’s, 90’s, Movie, Mexican, Italian, etc, and create a night at home surrounding this theme!  (You may remember last year when we hosted a throwback to the vintage cocktail party).

Prom – We are planning a 90’s Prom Theme Party for this spring! We’re getting vintage gowns & hopefully the guys will be in tuxes

  1. Create a 90’s playlist
  2. Serve 90’s Snacks & Drinks; think Squeeze cheese, Totinos Pizza Rolls, Zima, Kool-Aid, etc
  3. Play 90’s Trivia – Think Beverly Hills 90210

These ideas are fun to come up with and easy to create.  Do something a little different, make your own fun and have a happy Valentine’s Day!

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-Johanna and Monica


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