Outta Space

Outta Space

My closet is super small. It’s not a walk-in.  In fact, it’s not even a step-in. My Cape home was built in the 1950s and evidently large closets were not a thing at that time.

Renovating a beautiful, California-Closet-like closet is not in the budget. So, I did the best I could with the space I had. I was at a point where I felt as though I had nothing to wear because my closet was in such disarray. So, I made it my mission to:

  1. Be more organized; not by color, but by piece type
  2. PURGE ! I enlisted the help of a friend here, who was channeling her inner Stacy London, (insert eye roll) and had LOTS of comments about certain pieces, ahem…I mean, a J.CREW sweater!
  3. Maximize the space; utilize all unused space-or at least more than what I was using
  4. Be excited to open my closet door, aka, make it look pretty, or at least prettier!

So in one weekend, here’s what I did:







-Remove shoe rack on floor and utilize back of closet door to fit all shoes (looks neater, easier to see what I have and can fit a lot more shoes). I purchased the over-the-door-organizer at Target. Remove lower hanging rack; clothes hung too low to floor, and got all jammed up and created much more of a mess.

-Paint/Wallpaper – I chose a Target self-adhesive gray & white wallpaper & a neutral beach sand color wall paint. I chose neutral colors so that it would be calming & my clothing colors & patterns would be the pop of color.

– Rug – I chose a faux-sheepskin rug from Ikea. It’s $30, looks glamorous, is comfy to step on & easy to replace if need be.

– Lighting – I chose a decorative fixture with a fancy medallion to make it even fancier! Plus, my ceilings are too low to have a real chandelier, so I did the best I could!

– Clothes- I organized by piece; tees, blouses, sweaters, cardigans, dresses, pants/skirts. Bulky sweaters I folded and put in a wire basket. I chose wire so that I could see through it & see what was in it.

– Accessories like scarves & clutches also went into wire storage baskets.

Overall, I’m thrilled with my mini closet makeover! I am much happier each morning to get dressed! And like the Marie Kondo book said – I made sure each piece I kept brought me joy when I saw or touched it!

Happy Organizing!


  • Laura says:

    Love it! I have a similarly small closet and you just gave me some fantastic ideas (I know what I’ll be doing this weekend as soon as I run to target to pick up that over the door shoe rack!!). Thanks for sharing!!!

    • prettygrittygirlsmail@gmail.com says:

      Thanks Laura! So glad it helped to inspire you. Getting started is always the hardest part! How did it turn out?

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