Pumpkin Mom Hacks: Don’t toss them yet!!

Pumpkin Mom Hacks: Don’t toss them yet!!

With Halloween a few days away, it’s almost time to get to work and carve up those pumpkins! But what about after the big night is over? Do you throw them out, or put them to use? If you have never thought about uses for your left-over pumpkins, carved or uncarved, we have a couple of ideas to help you out! If you have used a bleach solution on your pumpkin, to preserve it, it goes without saying the below ideas will not be safe. Only use pumpkins that do not contain chemicals added to them.

Think of your backyard friends!

-Cut through the center of the pumpkin horizontally. Using crisscrossed rope, support the bottom half of the pumpkin with it and bring the four ends together up top, tie in a knot. Fill pumpkin “bowl”  with birdseed.  Hang from a branch, or hook, for feathered friends to enjoy! If you are someone who doesn’t mind feeding the squirrels as well, they will certainly appreciate it and the tasty serving dish!

Get Cookin’!

-Wash the pumpkin and slice in half (discard any wax pieces from candle). Remove seeds, if you didn’t earlier when carving, and set aside (these are great for cleaning and roasting on a baking sheet with salt or cinnamon sugar). Place pumpkin halves face down on a baking sheet at 350 for 1hour or until you can easily poke through the inside with a fork. The skin should appear blistered and wrinkly. Remove skin and place cut up pieces in blender to purée. Freeze and use for muffins, breads soups, sauces and more! If you have never thought to roast your own pumpkin before, if you have made a spaghetti squash, you can do this! With Thanksgiving coming up the possibilities are endless. Sure, you can purchase it in a can, but don’t let that pumpkin on your step go to waste for one night! Plus fresh is always best! Plus kids love getting to see how the whole process actually works!

Trick-or-Treat… your skin right!

-Make a pumpkin body scrub with sea salt and face mask with honey & almond milk. Not only are pumpkins filled with enzymes that help to remove dead cell build and brighten skin, but adding raw or manuka honey and a nourishing face oil of choice packs this mask with a serious punch.

Pumpkin Mask:

Recipe: 1Tbsp Pumpkin Puree

            1tsp Raw or Manuka Honey

            1 tsp Argan, Vitamin E, or facial oil of choice

Mix together and apply to freshly washed face. Let rest for 10-15min, rinse and follow regular with regular skin care routine (toner, serum, lotion).

Pumpkin Scrub: 

Recipe:1 cup pumpkin puree

1/2 cup brown sugar

4 Tbsp Coconut oil

Mix together and use in shower. Both the mask and scrub can be kept in fridge in a sealer container for up to a week.

Home decor chic, for cheap!

-Autumn Decor: Spray small un-carved pumpkins and gords with gold, copper, and even rose gold spray paint to use on your Thanksgiving tablescape, fireplace mantle, or outside planters/window boxes.

Rollllllllllll them into another holiday!

-Make a winter snowman with uncarved pumpkins: Fall might be over, but many pumpkins start to petrify over time and can last well into December (if yours is mushy it’s time to discard). Spray firm pumpkins with white spray paint. Use felt for a carrot nose/eyes/buttons, a small party store top hat or Santa hat, an old scarf or ribbon.

Do you already re-purpose your pumpkins with some fun ideas? Let us know, we would love to hear! Be sure to check out our segment on Better CT at 3pm to see all these ideas in action, or check the Better Connecticut website after 4pm to catch it online!

Happy Halloween!

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