Rotisserie Salsa Verde Tacos

Rotisserie Salsa Verde Tacos

Back at the rotisserie cookbook writing! This take on tacos is absolutely delicious, super easy and very quick to make.

You’ll need:

-Rotisserie chicken

– Trader Joe’s Salsa Verde (basically any green salsa)

-Corn tortillas


-Shredded cheese (I use the Trader Joe’s 3 Cheese Mexican Blend)


  1. Pull chicken – will vary depending on number of tacos you are making
  2. Pour enough salsa verde in a saucepan to coat chicken and heat over medium heat until simmering
  3. At the same time, butter one side of corn tortillas
  4. Place tortillas in frying pan butter side down and heat until brown
  5. Add avocado/guacamole, chicken and cheese to the tortillas
  6. Fold and flip over to brown other side of tortilla. Keep heat at low-medium so it doesn’t burn
  7. Remove from pan and top with lettuce, tomato, cilantro or whatever you prefer!



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