Splurge vs. Steal: Garden Lampshades

Splurge vs. Steal: Garden Lampshades

Splurge/Inspiration: Anthropologie Needlework Garden Lampshade $128

Steal: Homegoods Version of the Garden Lampshade $19.99


Christmas Vacation — once all the hubbub of the holidays was over, we had approximately 10 days off. I had several home improvement projects lined up in my head since we were going to have so much free time! “Free time” is nearly non-existent these days, so I decided to pick one quick, small project that I could actually finish and have a feeling of accomplishment over the break!

I had been wanting to update my bedroom for a few months; nothing major, just new bedding and lamps. Really, just lampshades. I love my lamps; they have a cool base that doubles as a dish that is a perfect place for lip balm, hand lotion, etc. I found them years ago with my sister for$18/each and I still LOVE them. Ok. So bedding and lampshades, pretty easy task and I should be able to make a nice update without spending a ton of money and/or time.

I’ve always loved the home line at Anthropologie. The pieces are so unique, beautiful and stylish, however, they are also usually pretty pricey. I fell in love with a floral-patterned lamp shade with fabric actually protruding from the shade. It was so different than anything I had seen, but, it wasn’t perfect. I didn’t love the colors or the price: one shade was $128! I would need 2, and the budget for my whole room “mini redo” was about the cost of the two shades alone. But, I did love the idea of the shade with the different textures and embellishments, so I decided to hunt for something similar in a different color palette and hopefully cheaper.

Cue, the white lights and AHA music…I was shopping with another PGG to accessorize her guest room, when I happened upon the shade at Homegoods. It was a floral pattern, but in a grey color palette, which was more my style, and it was only $19.99 per shade! Score! I got two for my room and she got one for her guest room! When my mom came to visit, we got one for her house too!

The shades are exactly what I was looking for! I love the color, same textured look and embellishment as the Anthro version, but for a FRACTION of the price. Moral of the story – find your inspiration without worrying about the price tag. Once you have your vision, set out on an adventure to find it for less! With a little time and effort, you can bring your ideas to life, no matter what your budget is.

The top photos are the Homegoods version and the bottom is the Anthropologie version. So similar, right?!


If you have any great splurge vs. steal stories, share them with us! We love this stuff!

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