What I’m thankful for ain’t on no list

For it only in my heart exists

For time has helped me understand

The things I can’t hold in my hand

~Garth Brooks “Thankful”

In our third annual list of “Things We Are Thankful For,” it goes without saying that we are beyond grateful for our family, our friends, and the daily blessings of comfort, warmth and safety that are often taken for granted, and that which so many in this world have lost this year. As we gather around our tables today, we will not only give thanks for what we have, but will keep in mind those who are less fortunate and continually strive to find ways to help others throughout the year.

With all that said, here are some more lighthearted things we are collectively thankful for…

1. Carpools

2. Cava

3. Dog poop bags

4. Systema lunch boxes

5. The return of “Will & Grace”

6. A new kitchen

7. Crushed ice

8. Watermelon water

9. A seamless Middle School transition

10. Night face masks

11. Pj pants

12. Xmas music

13. Healthy families

14. New jobs that we love

15. Fountain sodas

16. The Mall

17. Friends that are family

18. Dogs

19. Amazon Prime

20. French Fries

21. Slippers

22. White noise app

23. Advil

24. Coffee

25. HGTV

We are especially thankful to you, our readers! Without you we wouldn’t have this blog adventure! If you are new followers of our craziness or happened to miss our last two lists, you can check them out here!



Wishing you and all those you love a very, very happy Thanksgiving!!

~The PGG

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