Top 10 Summer Packing Must-Haves

Top 10 Summer Packing Must-Haves

Spring break, weddings, showers, communions, reunions, Bar or Bat Mitzvahs, summer vacation and the list goes on! This is a busy time of year for traveling and we’ve rounded up 10 of our most favorite items that we just can’t live without while on the road:)

  1. Batiste Dry Shampoo We’ve tried a LOT of brands and this is by far the best one for most of us. There are a ton of scents (the bottles are pretty too!), it doesn’t make your hair white, it absorbs oil and makes your hair look clean & fresh for 1-2 days. And let’s face it, a full-on blow-out away from the comfort of your own home can be a nightmare; bad dryer, not the right brush(es), not all of the products you have at home, not enough time, etc! Batiste even comes in travel size bottles!
  2. Cetaphil Face Wipes – Makes washing your face super easy! These are carry-on friendly! No need to rinse – just wipe & go.
  3. Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Having gotten used to an electric toothbrush at home, this is a must-have for me! I brought this along for a week vacation and my teeth & mouth felt so much better! With a manual toothbrush, I brush much harder and therefore irritate my gums and I definitely might not brush for the full 2 minutes! This runs on batteries and is a very similar brush to my more expensive at home version.
  4. Gillette Venus with Olay Razor – No need to bring shaving cream, the Olay strips release a creamy body butter that makes shaving easy!
  5. ONYX professional Remover This is hands down the BEST nail polish remover I’ve ever used! I may be known to be a little crazy about doing my nails, and trust me – this makes it easier! It comes right off, even when your nails get yucky from sun, sand, salt water, etc.
  6. Pacifica Underarm Wipes– Feeling a little sticky & stinky on the beach? A little hot & sweaty from that crazy flight or stressful drive? Don’t panic!  Just grab a deodorant wipe from Pacifica! One wipe to each armpit leaves you feeling refreshed and smelling good! We even throw them in the pool bag because it gets hot & I get sweaty! 🙂
  7. Dr. Andrew WEIL for Origins SPF45 This is the ONLY sunscreen that has not made my face sting. EVER. I have tried a zillion and this really works. It’s light, non greasy and works really well. I can even go in the water without it burning my eyes. I use it year-round. It’s affordable too, which is plus!
  8. Hanging Toiletry Bag Traveling with 6 other women, brings a whole new perspective on things you need to bring! This toiletry bag is a newly discovered must-have for me. It keeps all my things together in the bathroom. So, when I am showering or getting ready, I don’t have to keep moving them back and forth from the bedroom to the bathroom.  My toiletries are neatly organized and I don’t have to unpack my products! It’s a real hidden gem!
  9. Bee Line Bee Cool  – This travel sized spray is fantastic for both refreshing you and setting your make-up.  Made with natural spring water and essential oils, you’ll feel and smell like you’ve been to the spa – even when you’re sweating in the car or on a plane for 5 hours!
  10. Evan Healy Wild Carrot Eye BalmThis amazing product has many uses!  Perfect for application under and above your eye, it’s a great soother for dry, sunburned, irritated eyes.  Also perfect as a lip balm (or cheek, chin, etc), it travels well, and lasts forever.

What are some of the products you need to have when traveling? We love trying new things, so let us know your favorites! Look forward to hearing from you!


Safe & happy travels!


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