We Didn’t Start the Fire – Bachelorette Top 10

We Didn’t Start the Fire – Bachelorette Top 10

In typical Bachelor/Bachelorette fashion, last night’s episode did not disappoint!  Here are the PGG (well, the 3 who watch it!) Tuesday Top Ten Takeaways:

10: We didn’t start the fire, an ABC intern probably did…to a perfectly good limo.  Why? We were wondering the same thing.  #bodilyfluids? #vomit? #whathappensinthelimoshouldstayinthelimo


9:  We’re SO glad Jim Halpert is vying for love this season!  Is Pam aware?  #Jimhalpert #johnkrasinski #thatsawkward #derekpeth #theoffice


8:  Over 20 seasons of The Bachelor and 12 seasons of the Bachelorette, the handwriting on all of the date cards is exactly the same.  Woohoo for that intern who is still there and was likely promoted to full time employee.  #benefits #401K #nicehandwriting

date card

7:  Again, we can’t help but notice how amazingly fit Jojo is. Maybe we should set down our snacks and wine glasses, again, and get to planking…for the entire episode. #goals #butwillwe?

6: Robby wearing a white rose on his lapel, loafers without socks, and a white mock turtleneck was definitely rocking the Mr. Howell from Gilligan’s Island look.



5:  Chad, calling Jojo (THE Bachelorette and star of the show) a “nag” (on day two, no less) = no bueno

4:  Chad, barbarically eating deli meat with his hands while walking around the cocktail party, hanging his suitcase from a chain around his waist while doing pull-ups on a pergola as a workout, and antagonizing the other Bachelors on the first group date = no better

Chad workout

3:  Vinny the Barber…where did you come from? Were you even there on night one? It’s like he just appeared last night! #aproducersnephew? #shawnpadore

vinny bachelorette


2: Alex, if you are reading this…you need to come and watch with us.  You used the word “d-bag”, and, therefore, we ♥ you! #alexwoytkiw

alex bachelorette

1:  Chase:  who is he?  I think we all said the same thing about Catherine during Sean’s season of the Bachelor. That’s probably some sneaky producer editing to keep us fooled.  Our prediction: Chase is going to chase his way into JoJo’s heart and make his way into the fantasy suite.

chase bachelorette


Comment below with your top takeaways!

~Kristen, Melissa and Monica

  • Tara Caetano says:

    All such valid points. And how hot did JoJo look in that fire lady get up? What does she eat and drink on a daily basis? Can you guys find out? Can’t wait for next week!

  • Caroline says:

    Ha! Totes #9! And the handwriting- had the same realization, only 1 person is writing those. And also, Alex is fast on his way to committing a major bachelorette no-no: obsessing over taking down the bad boy. It will bite him in the ass!

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