Wild Horses – Bachelorette Top 10 Takeaways

Wild Horses – Bachelorette Top 10 Takeaways

We were so excited for last night’s Bachelorette episode, and it did not disappoint. Here are our top 10 takeaways.  Enjoy (we sure did)!

10.  We would much rather spoon the horse, as opposed to Alex.  #buhbyeAlex

horse snuggling

9.  Good thing JoJo is so tiny, otherwise she would have been rocking major camel toe in her gaucho outfit.

Jojo tight pants

8.  In our humble opinion, the outfit JoJo wore to the cowboy date with Alex would have worked better with black Frye Melissa Button boots.

jojo bootsMelissa button





7.  A long car ride with Alex + lots of uncomfortable, awkward silences = no bueno

alex jojo car

6.  Robbie’s perfectly manicured hands + shiny topcoat = no better

robbie manicure.jpg

5.  We aren’t quite sure whose pants are tighter; JoJo’s or Luke’s?



4.  An amazing original song by Chase, Jordan, Luke, James Taylor and Robby:

3.  Jordan’s signature move is the “push against the wall kiss.”  Jojo seems to like it, but her back must take a bruising…

Jordan wall(this was from this week’s one on one date)

jordanwallkiss(this was from a previous episode)

2.  While watching JoJo and Jordan’s date, during which they removed their shoes and socks to crush grapes with their bare feet…we could think of one thing, and one thing only: this clip from the Golden Girls!



1.Last episode, we said that Luke looks like Dylan McKay.  We still stand by that resemblance, but last night…we made this discovery.  #iceicebaby

luke vanilla ice

Which, obviously, led to this jib jab…#youarewelcome


Until hometown dates next week…

~Kristen, Melissa and Monica


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