WTE Wednesday – Back to School Lunches

WTE Wednesday – Back to School Lunches

Every time I think of kids going back to school, the image of Billy Madison shuffling around at his bus stop pops into my head…”Baaack to schooool, baaaack to schoool.” The time has come! We made it! But now it’s back to the daily hustle and bustle: homework, activities, LUNCHES! Why do we all collectively groan when we think of making school lunches. It’s not as though we don’t feed our kids lunch daily over the summer or on the weekends (although I’ve been known to push breakfast in a meager attempt to call it brunch and skip the midday meal altogether). Perhaps it’s the time constraints or the redundancy that makes those school lunches such a drag.

Well, this WTE Wednesday is hoping to spice that task up and make you LOVE throwing those meals together (insert eye roll emoji). At the very least, I hope it will give you some additional ideas when the thought of making one more PB&J makes you want to hurl.

A few years back when our family went gluten free, I had to get REALLY creative with lunches. No more bread, no more goldfish, and endless scorn from my children. I needed to be able to include an assortment of items my kids would tolerate without their beloved glutinous faves. I have had great luck with Bento boxes from Lunch Bots to store and separate multiple items within one container. They come in all sizes with a varying number of compartments. Check some out here.

In the absence of bread, my kids love ANYTHING they can dip. Veggies into hummus, tortilla chips into guacamole, sausage into mustard. The little condiment containers by Lunch Bots having been a godsend! In this lunch, there are some chicken sausage strips with mustard, sunbutter celery logs, tortilla chips with a single serve pack of Wholly Guacamole and some veggies. We love Costco for those individual guac and hummus containers; anything to streamline the process!


On occasion, we do use gluten free bread. I love Udi’s because it is grain, dairy, nut and soy free. You can also find it at Costco in family sized loaves for a fraction of the cost than most supermarkets. The lunch featured below has a sunbutter and jelly sandwich with assorted veggies, hummus and a homemade granola bar (recipe to come in a future post).


Other fam hits are turkey/ham and cheese roll ups, rice cracker and almond butter mini stackable “sandwiches,” and even warmed leftovers in colder months! With these handy food thermoses from Innate, you can heat up any leftovers (think soup, spaghetti & meatballs, mac n cheese), pop in your kiddo’s thermos and it will stay warm until lunchtime.

innate thermos

I hope some of these ideas helped, and, if all else fails, throw a few bucks in a Ziplock and let the lunch lady take over…Sloppy Joe anyone?



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