WTE Wednesday: Smores Pie

WTE Wednesday: Smores Pie

Ahhh s’mores! Just the mention of them can conjure up so many memories for us. Camping trips, crisp fall evenings with friends around the fire pit and summer nights. When winter rolls around, unless you have a fireplace that is s’mores friendly, often times making them takes a hiatus for a few months. A few winters ago, while stuck inside during a big snow storm, my husband came up with a super easy way for our family to enjoy s’mores. It was simple enough that the kids could help with it and still has the delicious taste of toasted marshmallows (that a microwave just can not replicate)! We refer to it as “S’mores Pie” and it has become such a hit that we often bring it for dessert when we are invited by friends for dinner (with or without kids). Its a grown-up take on a fun treat.  It also works well when you have all the intentions for s’mores outside and the weather takes a turn.  See below for the super easy instructions, and enjoy! (This dessert can also be made using gluten-free graham crackers).



-Graham Crackers


-Chocolate Chips

We found using a glass baking dish works best. Depending on the size, you can make your S’mores Pie as big or small as you want. First grease the bottom and sides of your dish with butter, then add one layer of Graham crackers.

Then pour a layer of chocolate chips over the crackers. Don’t scrimp! Make sure all the crackers are covered

Next arrange Marshmallows in tight rows over the chocolate chips.

A little finishing touch that my s’mores savvy husband has since added, is to crush a graham cracker(s) and lightly sprinkle it over the marshmallows before baking. It adds an extra little toasted flavor and gives it a nice finished look.


Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 15-20 until Marshmallows are golden brown.


Let stand to cool for about 15min so that it is easier to cut.

Cut into squares and enjoy!


Store in a tightly sealed container to keep fresh. Left over pieces (if you have any!) are super easy to reheat later on or the next day and taste just as delish!

Happy eating!



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