You’re the One that I Want -Bachelorette Finale!!

You’re the One that I Want -Bachelorette Finale!!

The Bachelorette ended last night with an outcome that most predicted: Jordan was JoJo’s final pick. But that doesn’t mean the episode lacked emotion, drama and tears!  Here are our top 10 takeaways from last night’s finale:

10.  Both JoJo and her mom wore “cold shoulder” tops during Jordan’s “meet the parents”date.  They should have saved those outfits for Robby’s date.  It may have given him a slight clue that he would not be her final pick.

cold shoulder


9.  Ok – we have to ask…JoJo, what is your secret to avoid chafing when making out with Robby and his perfectly manicured beard?

robby kiss

8.  We ♥ the sweater Jojo wore on her final date with Robby.  Does anyone know where we can buy it?  We’ll be searching high and low, and if we find it, we will obviously share it with you!

jojo sweater

7.  Jojo…how does your skin and make up stay so perfect during your EXTREMELY HOT dates in Thailand?  The guys are sweating bullets and you look cool as a cucumber!  Do you spray your face with deodorant or antiperspirant  before your dates?  Inquiring minds want to know!


6.  Neil Lane’s spray tan = no bueno

neil lane

5.  Robby’s white shirt + 4 buttons undone + a black tank top underneath = no better

robby outfit

4.  We feel as if “Dr. Fletcher” would have been a more appropriate way to address your future father-in-law…instead of, “Hey Joe, can I have your blessing?”.  While we’re at it, maybe the impersonal phone call could have been substituted for a quick face-to-face chat?

jordan phone call

3.  When Robby stepped out of the SUV to walk down to JoJo for the final rose, all we could think of was, “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.” We’re pretty sure he was thinking the same thing after his conversation with JoJo.


2.   With Robby’s Thailand sun-kissed skin and his perfectly white teeth, he was having a little bit of a Ross Geller moment.

ross geller

1.  JoJo’s final dress was perfection.  We loved her this season!  She’s a true catch and Jordan is one lucky guy!

jojo dress


…and just when we think it couldn’t get any better, ABC follows the final Bachelorette episode with Bachelor in Paradise.  We CAN.NOT.WAIT!

~Kristen, Melissa and Monica

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